Wednesday, July 30, 2008

austria: salzburg & vienna

Pictures from our 6 days in Austria. We intended to go for 2 - but loved it so stayed a bit longer before heading back to Czech. We were in Salzburg the whole time except for a quick overnight trip to Vienna to meet up with Carl Redd. and Sarah & Andrea from the US - a really special coffee & visit with Carl sitting in the heart of downtown Vienna - and then a little ride out of the city to where Wed. Meeting was & where we stayed the night. So obviously we loved Salzburg since all but one of these pictures are from there - - it just felt really good to us.


Kelly and Janae said...

aaahhh- have to comment lots now! I recognize these people, stories, and places you are talking about! Special people over there- love the color you captured in salzburg. love it love it, can't wait to talk to you once you are back home and rested a bit :o) -Janae

Pete and Ash said...

Hey Chick.....LOVE the photos..looks like such an amazing place! Makes me want to go and explore!!! Have a safe trip back home....sooo glad you had a chance to go scope out all these great places....!!! Enjoy the ride, love ya!