Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Coming to an end...

So last Friday we got up really early to catch the 6:00 train from Salzburg back to Prague. It's amazing how you can immediately till when you've crossed back into Czech from the condition of the trains. Maybe we were unlucky - but they were a bit comparable to the trains Daren took in India. So we got back into Prague - had a quick lunch - then took the metro to the edge of town where we met up with Jeff & Debi again - and Margie who's traveling Europe from Australia. (Daren knows her boyfriend , Andrew in Australia so it was cool to make the connection!)The 5 of us hoped in the Michels car and made a 2 hour trip into the Czech country-side to where the convention is & Ziva's. Conv. isn't for a couple weeks - but we were invited to share the weekend. SO AMAZING! Ziva is such an amazing woman. She spent 20+ years living in Washington (went to meeting with my parents before I was born) during the war/communism - then moved back to have convention. So the 5 of us were there with she, Wim, a girl from Sask. who is staying there for 3 months, and an older couple from Australia that have a little house in the village and spend about 3 mo. a year there. We helped with some projects - had amazing home-cooked meals - long visits around the table - some country-size walks to the castle nearby - definitely the highlight of our trip! Sunday evening we drove back to Prague where Margie, Daren & I hung out for the next 3 days - took a road trip to another little town about an hour away from Prague - got Thai food massages - ate popsicles to beat the heat - met up with the 2 girls from US again the last night for dinner - then we all got up at 4:30 this morning to get to our 6:00 trains/planes(no automobiles).

We got back here to Copenhagen at about 9:30 - so had a good day to hang out! Felt cool coming back and having it be familiar here. We got to go see Christiania area today which is something we really hoped we'd have time to do. It's this area/island in Copenhagen that is quite "hippy". Has quite the story...basically it's an area that is escaping paying taxes and lives very alternatively - the government has tried to stop it but it was about 1990 the last attempt was made and that resulted in a riot. We looked a bit at the history but now that we've wondered through there we're going to have to read more about it.

We head home tomorrow afternoon. Not quite ready for the end feet have pretty much had all they can take for awhile so I guess we'll have to go home for a bit to let them recover :)

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Zane&Anna said...

ok i'm pretty much obsessed with your blog, and totally living thru all your pix and stories! it's making me 'ache' to go back! i'm so so so glad you got go see Ziva and the convention grounds. Are they not beautiful?! I have the best of memories eating around Ziva's big wooden wraparound table eating homemade soup! And taking naps by her fireplace... does she still have her little baby chiuaua?? She was really sick when we visited 3-years ago=( Thanks for letting us share in your adventures! A&Z