Wednesday, July 23, 2008


So...Austria. It was kind of in our plan - but not really. We wanted to see Carl Reddekopp in Vienna if we could - and it ended up that Tuesday was the best day for him. So we decided to leave Prague Sunday evening on the train for Salzburg - spend the day there and then go to Vienna for Tuesday.

Salzburg is a city that I visited about 5 years ago with Janae & Kari - we were here for only a few hours but I LOVED it and remember standing on the bridge with this feeling...knowing I'd be back. Tto get to come back with Daren has been awesome! 

We made a great find - Ante Portas - this cute little hotel/apartment with a awesome lady who runs it.  While we've felt like "foreign travelers" everywhere else...we feel so at home & comfortable here in Salzburg. We are loving it! We had planned to stay just 2 night here...but....we have now gone to Vienna & had a great day & night with Carl - and returned to Salzburg and are planning to stay till Friday or Saturday. The joys of free sailing :)

Austria pictures maybe tomorrow - it's too late to add more tonight.


Anonymous said...

can't hardly WAIT for your austria pics!!! =) the prague ones brought back a lot of thinking of you two there! Gretchie

Log home living said...

Ahhh...we are all LOVING your pictures and "feelings". You capture it all very well and we anxiously await the Salzburg/Austria photos~~ Thanks for taking time to do this. We're enjoying it immensely! Good to see Jeff and Debbie--hellos to them Sunday. Isn't their little school wonderful? What a marvelous trip you are having!!
Donna and Terry