Wednesday, April 23, 2008

sitting in seattle

just a quick "we are still alive" post. 

hawaii was awesome - being with family has been great. right now we are in Seattle & B.B. Is. area reconnecting with friends for a few days before we head back to spend a last weekend with my parents and trip on to Portland to fly home.

just walked down to a little bakery/coffee shop this morning - sipping amazingly good americano's - catching up on some computer stuff while we wait for Katie and Jamie to come eat  some late breakfast and play a board game at the place across the street. 

loving the green here & the warm misty air - so easy to breath in!

again....we are reminded that life is so good. 

(pictures to come when i get a few more minutes to be on here :)


Anonymous said...

we have missed you. can't wait till you are home. bring some of that green with you..... please.

Tony said...

Was so good to get to hang out with you two! Wish it wasn't so far down here an that you had about a month to come hang out.
I'm waiting, not so patiently, :) to see some of your pics from HI... please please.
your bro

Anonymous said...

yay! yur alive.....hahhahah!
glad you loved hawaii.
and can't imgaine you not taking in the west coast air to the fullest......nice!!

see u soon.