Saturday, May 03, 2008

saskatoon feeling good

Trip to Hawaii & home & to Seattle & Bainbridge Is. was fantastic. I've posted some pics on facebook but will get some posted on here soon....maybe tonight if i last that long. 

Just had a really super last couple days.

Friday night was a night of 13 married couples...sharing. from the heart. a very very heart moving night. thank you.

Saturday was a morning to slept in a tiny big. Then get up. Daren went and got his bike that Kelly & Janae so kindly put on the Greyhound bus for us. Went down a few blocks to the bike store to have them put it together & tune it up. We drove to Museo & had a very tasty little breakfast and great visit with a very cool couple. Then went to McNally's bookstore to get some creative inspiration for a project. Drove past a few garage sales scouting for a stool find. no luck yet. On to Tyler & Sara's so they could hop in and join us for a very invigorating hot yoga session. A little take-out sushi lunch. Picked up the bikes and went for a cruise through downtown and along the river....aww - "living" in Saskatoon has arrived again! Home for a bit of work. Dressed up. T&S met us here and wandered downtown to meet up with several other couples for a bus ride out into the small town prairie the Dancing Sky Theatre...great food, amazing play with all Saskatchewan actors, great friends, great laughs. Totally glad we went! Loved it!


me said...

ahhhhhhhhh, that makes me cry!! and totally reinforces my love of Toon does many of your installments!!

keep living the s'toon life! Life pretty much begins in May and ends in, cheers to life in Saskatoon - it's only just begun!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey there! This is Emily in Wenatchee, and I found this blog through Clara. (My) Darren ;) mentioned that you two stopped in here and I was so sad that I missed you!! I'm sure you won't be visiting back here anytime soon, but I'm glad you got a glimpse into our lives, and hope that you enjoyed your time in our shop. Glad you are well up there in the north country! OH, do you have an address for lynelle? I've been meaning to ask Ross and Betty, but, maybe you have one? That'd be awesome! You can e-mail it to Thank so much! Take good care. hugs