Thursday, April 03, 2008

here comes the sun

a requested update:
days are good. full. we bought a new plant. tony came to visit and it was great! got some exciting news from friends...! tyler & sara are back from there amazing trip - we missed them so are glad they are back. we watch baby-girl lola for an evening. we are reading books. daren's been sick the last couple days. i got approved to stay in canada! working on getting my sin# & health card now - then it's done done done. a morning visit to caffe sola is still very much a part of our every day. i get to play/work there a couple hours a week. we are officially planning to go to bryan & lone's wedding in denmark. wahoo! saturdays we usually sleep in then take a walk down to & along the river to Museo where we enjoy a amazing scone & coffee while reading our books. we can finally go out some days with out a coat on! i've actually worn my flip-flops a day or 2! we've found some new tunes to design to throughout the day. looking at finally replacing my dearly beloved camera that got stolen a while back. maybe we'll find a deal in the states. we are going to visit the sun...the warmth. hawaii for my cousin's wedding there & a wee vacation with family. then staying a few more days around Oregon & Washington to catch up with my parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles,... long overdue! running now to meet jill for lunch. then run errands. then...finish up some work and getter done!

that's a quickie :) sure i will have more exciting posts later with some little changes in location...maybe even with pictures!!! :)


me said...

enjoy the south!!

and enjoy S'toon...your writing of normal days kinda makes me's truely the place and people I love!

good times to ya!


Anonymous said...

tam bam - let's see an update from the tropics.....

miss yu.....hope it has been grand.