Tuesday, December 18, 2007

the perks

bags aren't packed.
it's been a down & up busy day.
probably be pulling an all nighter getting stuff ready.

...but we're off tomorrow and we have this good feeling inside!
hanging, dinner-party and slumber-partying with k&j and, well, k&j in vancouver - maybe my brother too, maybe others if there into border hoppin' :) seeing family - relaxing, chatting and sitting around the fire - wander those victoria streets & ocean paths we love - maybe we'll finally visit the mole' & our zen coffee shops.

thank you janae - for that talk a few days ago - for being who you are - for knowing me - for the incredible friendship we've had for 27 years! your on my "thankful list" for this year.

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Kelly and Janae said...

Loved having you guys here!! How fun- just like when we were teenagers in tri-cities! I don't want to take our decorations down :o( Hope you guys had a good holiday...hope to hang out with our brothers before the year is over!