Saturday, December 08, 2007

loving this saturday

Well...we're pouting because our grand holiday plans got smashed - dumb immigration stuff. A little hard to adjust from "yay - we get to go away for a month - get some sun - get some skiing - get some family time" "yay - we get to stay home where it's -25 degrees" :) Ah well.

We are having a sweetly relaxing weekend!

Had a really amazing outing to a JackPine Publishing Event with a friend - very creatively inspiring - and then an incredible dinner with a very awesome couple.

This morning - slept in - fixed toast and coffee - started up a 5 hour Scrabble game - had eggs for lunch - our individual bars of camino chocolate, blueberries and tea for a snack - checked hockey stats - chatted on the phone - got closer to each other.

OH and to top it off...look out the window and what should be BOUNDING down the middle of the snowy road in front of our windows....this HUGE rabbit! That was fun :)

the rabbit who made our day brighter

our lovely snowy, cold winter scene

the best chocolate ever...even daren's, mr. i don't like sweets, is addicted and has his very own bar.

eggs w/ sausage, gouda, fresh crushed pepper & Himalayan salt on rice cakes - yum

what makes up a picture perfect saturday...for me

the front of our building

the main entrance of our building...the foose ball table was a good addition :)

us on the stairs up to our floor


Nikki said...

yay! pictures!

sorry to hear about your plans being messed up! that is no fun! but it looks like the two of you have tons of fun anyway!

love, nik

Jamie and Katie said...

Mmmm.. . sounds like just my kind of a day too. . .=) You guys are so lucky to love to do the same things. I think of you every time I feel "freezing" down here (ie when it's in the 30s. =0)