Friday, November 21, 2008


about a month ago friend and i were having a really good heart to heart. it turned to us talking about our want/need to be healthy & in shape. this friend shared with me what another friend had said to her when they were on this very subject. he said - "no, you don't REALLY want to...because IF you REALLY wanted to - you WOULD".

i've thought about this over and over again since that talk. maybe those words sounded harsh. maybe that logic isn't always true for everyone is all cases. but one thing i can't deny is those words RANG TRUE in my ears.

daren just read this book. and now i'm reading it this week. it's just a little one. there probably lots of messages in it, but what i got was...that very same little message as i got from my friends friend.

i have a list of dreams, goals, creations - things i want to either do or be. they are things that i feel would help complete who i am. i have this mental & half written list - i've had it for quite a few years now - it grows - i think about it a lot - i set "start dates" a lot - i talk to a few people about it a lot. i feel like i really want those things. OR DO I? why am i not checking them off that "list"...

today i took off on a little walk. computer in my bag so i could work when i got to where i was going. bundled up. took the route through downtown & along the river. quite a bit little less traveled now that winter is here. i felt lucky that i got to be one of 3 people right then chosing & getting to walk down that snowy lane - watching the pieces of ice float peacefully down the river - hearing that one bird singing - feeling nature resting. i loved the thoughts that kept coming into my head. and i had to wonder...what if i gave myself a walk like this every single day - by myself - quietly soaking up nature and mindful thoughts - how would if affect my life on a day to day basis. maybe i'd tune into myself and maybe, just maybe all those things i have on that continual list will start to fall into place. maybe.

my destination. door 1 opened & i was surrounded in the aroma of sweet roasted coffee. yummm. door 2 opened & it was that smell of earth that i adore. hmmmm. where was i ? :)


Amanda Sakundiak said...

hey tam...... thank you for your thoughts...... they inspire me to be more real and to be who i wanta be too. i love your honesty and gifted ability to reach down and pull out out all feelings that we all feel deep within. you have many talents and gifts...... a beautiful person really. keep those walks and thoughts coming....... and keep visiting the mendel art gallery!!!!!

Anonymous said...

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