Wednesday, November 19, 2008


My love had the coffee brewing - my favorite aroma to wake up to!
Big flakes of snow are tumbling down on the other side of these big windows.
I've got the candles burning, slippers on, nice sounds playing.
The feeling is p u r e C O Z Y.
It just feels right to take some extra "enjoy the moment" time.
These are pics are from a river walk this last weekend.
I haven't been so into taking pictures - besides when we are on trips.
For a long time.
Something I've thought a lot about.
I'm going to try to remedy it.
For me.
Because it's something that has always been so me.
Winter had crept up on us.
I'm going to embrace it this year!


clara jane said...

I love your pictures - it does sound incredibly cozy! Winter hasn't hit here yet - but you can feel it coming. Miss you two!

Zane&Anna said...

you're so gifted tamila, you shouldn't definitely get back into picture taking for yourself, and for the rest of us who admire your beautiful gift!=-)

Anonymous said...

Really enjoyed the beautiful pictures and of course, as always, lovin your thoughts!! ~Angela

Kelly and Janae said...

love the pics. cant believe the snow you've got already! -J

Shannon Boettcher said...

My favorite: close up of Daren & the oh-so-cozy scarf.

love it!

me said...

your pics always touch my heart in that special S'toon place...thanx for keeping me in touch with the places I love!

Zane&Anna said...

oh i hope you assumed that 'shouldn't' = 'should'!!! that was a bad typo=-) anyway my email address is, would love to hear from you=-)