Saturday, July 05, 2008


today is the big day. wedding day for bryan & lone!

we've been having an amazing time!
got here fine. had a good 14 hour snooze and then we've been going ever since. spend several days in Copenhagen already - awesome - more on that later. it's been really great to be here before the wedding and staying closer by Lone's family. all the wedding guest are staying in a boarding school where her parent both work - which is quite fun! And really really awesome because it is really expensive here in Denmark! 

anyway - we'll do another post later with pictures hopefully - we do have wireless here at the school - we just haven't had much time to get on it - not a bad thing :)

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Tyler Hrycuik said...

Sounds like a blast so far! Just dont forget the most important part.....PICTURES!
Gimme gimme
- T