Monday, February 25, 2008

hot yoga

so, maybe it's the "3rd times a charm" thing...but as of tonight i think i have an addiction.

it started a bit ago when chantelle invited me to join her - continued with amanda this last saturday - and tonight with daren, joel & nicolette....

1.5 hours of 32 degree dripping sweat pushing yourself goodness :)

i don't know if i've ever felt quite like do on a hot yoga high...the rest of the day i "feel"...!

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Pete and Ash said...

Hey Tambers!!!
You are a crazy chicken, you do realize that right?!?! Always trying new things...good on ya! SIMPLY CAN'T wait to see you guys in Hawaii! SOOO looking forward to that! It's been WAY too long! Hope things are going wonderful over your way, tell Daren HI! Have a great day, Love ya chick..just wanted to say Hi! Hugs, Ash