Tuesday, January 15, 2008

tonight it hit me

i knew it would happen.
that's why i put them up on the wall instead of buried in a box or the trunk.
i've felt the urge creeping up little by little by little
. . . but tonight it HIT.

a ponder slipped in . . .
and before i knew it i had taken 1 of my university books off the wall
and was curled up on the couch getting excited at what i found inside.
FINALLY! - it's not for the grade anymore -
it's something i can't wait to soak my mind in -
it's for the knowledge!

1 comment:

Log home living said...

Oh dear and after 30 years I made Terry get rid of his textbooks. On our last move it became the "packing issue". Honey, are we still carrying these books around???
And now when I have more time to "soak up" how to integrate math and science into reading....I could do it. Oh dear, maybe I'll just read the AARP magazine!!