Monday, April 02, 2007

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juno weekend in saskatoon.

delicious dinner at Paul & Catherine's...around the table chatting & making our own ravioli

stories of Rome and Europe...smallest van ever, local vineyard owners, car getting towed...makes us want to pack our bags right now.

dessert stopped short to zoom to hear local talent...amazing!

scones & coffee on a city bench spying on passerbyers...wonder if we've spied one?

a few hours at home...

Some Calories grilled cheese, thin fries & aioli sauce....a slice of cheesecake while we listen to Matty strum and sing.

A trip to the store of "Re" to see if we can find some treasure

A absolutely perfect late afternoon...evening of quiet projects & entertainment right in our own little abode....joined by shanghi noodles from next door at 8.

a beautiful meeting in a new home to us.

the most delicious brunch out in a long time...a bite of "Fall" & "Summer" of the best talks between 2 people ever.

...and a weekend is brought to a close.

the next one to be shared with 2 awesome friends!

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