Thursday, March 29, 2007

sharing loft 204

Here's were we spend our days together...still things to do and work in progress...but it's a reason why we feel lucky living in Saskatoon together!
...sorry it's taken so long to get some pictures up of our place!

entry - bedroom is on L - hallway to open space
msg blocks from our wedding...outside our bedroom
sliding door into our bedroombedroom from closet/laundry room
bathroom - off bedroom...again...
hallway from entry into open space
open space - kitchenopen space - living
the sun that comes in


Anonymous said...

OH my gosh Tamilajane. That is the most gorgeous house I have ever seen! So rustic/hippy/artsy/modern -
So D + T!!! I love it!
Have a lovely spring weekend!


tj cameron said...

wow! i though i had a cool place. that's one sweet loft!

Kari said...

Love the house! Looks like a very relaxing space. I always love your taste. Now to see it in person...hmm...maybe in my dream tonight...we can have coffee. I'll sit on the leather couch, put my feet up. We'll talk. 3:30 AM Pacific Time. See you then. Wear your jammies. I'll wear the ones with the feet.