Saturday, August 12, 2006

2nd Avenue Accomplished!

This is the character 1920's house that Daren and Tyler bought about 2 years ago and have completely renovated - a huge experience - a huge accomplishement! I am very very proud of them - witnessing the long hours and hard work and tons of decisions and patience - to see how far it has come - so awesome!

It's time to pass it on....

Here are pictures of most of it - minus a few washroom shots and the unfinished basement.
Thanks to Amanda for taking some awesome pictures to add to the sale listing - !

front of house

front porch

looking in front door

looking fowards front door


living room from front entry

living room from dining room

dining room

looking down on front entry

looking up from front entry

2nd floor hallway

room 1 (tyler's)

room 2 (daren's)

room 2 (daren's)

room 3 (guest)

main floor toilet room

main floor washroom

stairway to 3rd floor loft




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