Thursday, July 27, 2006 today

...somedays i just feel SO lucky! today i do!

8 days counting the weekend and i'll have a degree in graphic design to add to my goodie bag. after 5 straight yrs of university/college > this girl is feeling it's time to be done with the type of learning that comes from classrooms! time to see the places all this can take me to...i'm PUMPED with how things are looking!!

daren and i are heading into a couple weeks on the west coast at the end of august - planning to be at milltown 2 convention - see friends - see all our family - drive through some of our favorite places! then come back and hopefully his 2nd ave. place will be sold and he'll get to move into the warehouse loft! a dream is coming true! the meantime i'm going to keep feeling lucky!

* are we having "best" days or good days = the difference is in KNOWING that we have t h e peace we need so much (aylesbury thought)
the business daren started a little bit over a year ago - we're watering it every day!

music i've been listening to - recently discovered, my bro knew i'd love, refound past discovery
mat kearney
mark owen

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