Thursday, June 15, 2006

a whole whack of them...

the awsome plant d found in the classifieds - juanita and i held it down clear across town - fun times! :)

sunglassed up

d and i @ caffe sola - awesome awesome place!

caffe sola - lynelle, chantelle, sara, me, d, todd (juanita takin the pic)

todd.juanita.d.i relaxin' @ the park

goofin' it up

time flies when your havin' fun...flies so fast you become blurry :)

sara (my house roomie) & tyler (d's house roomie)

saturday a.m. golf game -

a good friend in you...juanita!

sweet friendships - me,amanda,juanita

kipp & amanda

todd & juanita

zee galz (clockwise from me): me,juanita,joey,amanda,lynelle,sally,kara,chantelle,jen

disc golf after bbq...awesome time!

lynelle, juanita, me, jill

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