Thursday, June 15, 2006

the forward motion of life

whenever i post all these pictures of times here...people always gives me pang of homesickness. just realizing that life know it's going to but you don't quite realize just how fast and full days will be - don't quite realize exactly how it will feel to know that old close friends that you have built memories with and spent days with are in their place while you are in yours...and your all having days - building memories - growing - experiencing - meeting new people things that you can't enter in on.

part of the deal.

makes me think.

makes me want to call everyone who has a place in my heart and tell you just how much you mean to, then, forever! hope you know it!

1 comment:

Dream Photography said...

i am so thankful that you have had to leave great friends and old friends so we could get to know you here.