Sunday, April 30, 2006

a little part of me...

thinking of last 7 years there...thought i'd take a "peek" at it through pictures i could find online. i'll have to post some on mine sometime. no place is perfect but that was one amazing place to live for awhile - lush green and misty walks at Lake Padden - hiking on the trails above Chuckanut drive - bbq's and sunday "meet and eat" lunches and playing frisbee (all dressed up after Korwin and Kelly's wedding) in boulevard park, the hours and days spend at the University, sitting on the rocks looking out at the ocean in Larabee park, sail boat racing with everyone from work on the Dr.'s boat,....a person could get lost remembering amazing memories!

[i was always in awe of this old breakwater/boardwalk...a friend and i were going to walk out on it but when we got close enough we found out it was quite rikety]

[outside of Old Main building at WWU...the oldest building on campus - used to be covered top to bottom with ivy, the last year i was there they had to take it off because it was ruining the structure of the building]

[Western Washington University Campus - couldn't get a much better looking place to matriculate]

[my very most favorite place to go on a walk or run - could totally renew me! - perfect sized little lake with a 2-level nature trail all the way around - gorgeous view from the top of the hill - awesome swims out to the dock. we used to live right across from it and i got addicted]

[larabee state park - a very good place to sit on ocean rocks, find starfish, sink your feet in the sand]

[the marina...loved rollerblading here, wandering around the sailboats, watching kites fly and having a bite @ Anthonys - so much yum]

[the walkway along boulevard park - sweet park there that was just PACKED with young people in the summer tanning and bbqing and playing volleyball and ultimate - in the summer a group of us would always pick up our lunch and then meet there after mtg. on Sunday]

[a view of the bay and mt. baker only a bit over an hour away]

[one of the waterfalls along chuckunut drive - a beautiful winding road amonst the hills and trees...hiking to the left, ocean to the right]

[another arial view]


me said...

WOW!!! Looks like a dream! Living in a holiday! Just might have to put that on my list of places to visit!

There's something about living on/near developes a certain personality.


Tony said...

Ah, sis... your making me homesick. :)

I'm thinking that it is probably one of the top 5 places on earth. And we actually got to live there! whoo hoo.

Maybe again someday.

Loverly pictures...