Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Simplified Change....

I've been thinking for quite awhile about how to keep life simple - how to not feed the wrong things in my life - how to start again with what I love & feel enriches me - and leave behind what I've started to see just robs me some way or another. Maybe it doesn't make sense to anyone else...but it makes perfect sense because of what i've been thinking & feeling the last while. 

Planning to stay tuned in & sharing - but in a bit healthier way for me.

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Cassandra said...

your new space is beautiful. i can't leave comments there, though, it seems. which is fine, and i'm sure you like it that way. it seems so quiet and beautiful there. i love your photography. and your words are inspiring. "walk 3" hit it right on the head for me today.

looking forward to seeing those photos of spring, when it comes. but until then, your frozen world is gorgeous.

Amanda Sakundiak said...

very cool - change is good - i will be sure to make the change in the bookmarks.......it's great to be able to follow you...... love all your ideas and inspirations...........