Saturday, January 10, 2009

xmas, new years & D's 30th birthday

Loved our holidays!  Shared a relaxed Christmas with Tyler, Sara, and Rob Shultz. The guys got in the mood to make homemade crepes so Jim Atch., Tyler & Sara zoomed over for a laid-back brunch. We had a scrumptious late supper of lemon, herb rubbed roasted Saskatchewan chicken, garlic herb baby potatoes, green salad, homemade spelt rolls, sparkling apple cider, and fresh creme brulee. It was a cozy, comfortable, memorable time! 

Dad & Mom came for a week....Tony came for a week....overlapping their visits for a few days together up North. Got in lots of board games, sleeping in, walking in the snow, amazing meals, and relaxed time together!  Seems I forgot about taking pictures I was so relaxed...hopefully Tony will have some he can share with us :) 

Managed to snag one picture on D's 30th Birthday. Dad, Mom, Tony & us went out for an early dinner at Aroma to celebrate his birthday before Dad & Mom had to leave. Then on the day we had D's favorite Museo breakfast, a cozy day, and then to Sushiro for a evening of great sushi & cream-cheese stuffed dates with cinnamon & sugar for dessert.  Yum.  

Good times.


me said...

sounds/looks like fantastic time!! way to enjoy the holidays despite the cold! and food is such a fab way to celebrate! :)

ryan and kristi said...

so this is a little weird but the first thing i noticed about the above pic was the boots. those are great boots! happy new year!

Kariza said...

Your blog makes me hungry! I see my magnets. Aww.