Sunday, January 25, 2009

t h a n k f u l

i just felt overwhelmed with thankfulness.

thankful that i am in such an incredible, healthy marriage
thankful for a glass full of amazing fresh orange juice
thankful that i have amazing friends who add sooo much to my life
thankful for cozy fires
thankful that we never have a cell phone call interruption
thankful for family who loves us completely
thankful for people choosing to live consciously
thankful for people who learn to be content
thankful for a life where i feel so lucky every single day
thankful for a common goal with my daren to not strive to be rich in anything but love
thankful for a little business that pays the bills, keeps us growing, keeps us close & let's the above be true
thankful for pictures and painting and creative projects
thankful for my coffee every morning
thankful for hope
thankful for real & transparent people
thankful for the smell of dirt
thankful for warm rain that i can't wait to feel again sometime
thankful for memories
thankful for cozy sweaters and blankets
thankful for the best bed to crawl into & pillow to lay my head onto
thankful for ways i'm starting to see myself better
thankful for candlelight
thankful for dreams
thankful for the contentment i feel right now


Anonymous said...

Tamila.... I have the sniffles from reading beautiful! I could feel the peace you have while I read. So genuine. Thanx for writing that cuz it inspired me to find my dreams too.

Stef D.

clara jane said...

Tami - you are beautiful. You have a gift for putting things into words...


Anonymous said...


and i'm THANKFUL that i could read this....and appreciate you even the more.....


Zane&Anna said...

thinking of you today, as we are having a bit of warm rain, it started as a nice drizzle but now it's comin' down in buckets=) it's not quite hawaii, but we take what we can get=)