Tuesday, November 04, 2008

voting day thoughts

today is voting day. not in the country i'm living in. but the country i was born in. i have had more political conversations since living in canada for 2 years than i did my whole life living in the US. i have come to care more. i have come to feel more. i have come to fear more...

politics awe me. media awes me. people awe me.

i am thinking how interesting it is that i can feel really close to & respect a group of people so much...and they are split right in the middle by their political views. very definite political views. i was fascinated this morning by the array of emotions and views i read in facebook status'.

i wait...very anxiously...to see what the outcome is of all this political campaigning. all the media. all these people voting today for what they feel so passionately about.

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Zane&Anna said...

i'm curious what your thoughts are now post-election day=-) maybe your following post 'simply' contains your thoughts regarding all the craziness that comes along with the election?? the enjoying not getting all caught up in everything?? mmm, thats the stand i'm taking... kind of like the saying: 'ignorance is bliss'... i did feel my sense of responsibility to vote but after doing my part... i just want to let go and let the peace that comes with the knowledge that God is in control. i truly enjoy your blog, hope you don't mind me checking in