Saturday, August 02, 2008

Finishing up Czech Republic

After our time in Rohonzna - Margie, Daren & I went back to our place in Prague - had time for a great late night dinner at a rooftop restaurant & one of the worst nights sleep any of us had ever had (gotta love the city) - the next day we decided to rent a car and take a day trip over the city of Karlovy Vary which is a world-famous spa town with 12 natural mineral springs (60-73 degrees C). People come there - buy "spa cups" and wander from spring fountain to spring fountain filling up there cups with this hot, (gross) healing, mineral water and sipping it on benches. Pretty interesting! On the drive home we stumbled upon this sweet little town, Marianske Lazne, so we had dinner and a walk around before heading back to Prague for the night.

Our last day in Prague - we took it in - and it was HOT so we ate several popsicles along the way! Margie and I decided the we'd go have a Thai foot massage - which was more painful than relaxing...but there was a fan pointed right on us - so it was worth it :) Daren made the rest of the days plan... We went to the train station to buy Margies ticket on to Switzerland the next day - and met Sarah & Andrea (we'd met them in Austria & knew our trips would overlap again in Prague). The 5 of us took off for viewing of the Charles Bridge one more time - checking out the John Lennon wall (very cool - i think every city, town, village should have a wall like this!) and had an amazing Thai dinner at the place right on the other side of the wall. Wandered. Searching for a coffee & dessert place for Marie & us to spend our leftover Czech Koruna's...and ended the night with the worst cheesecake and iced latte's that could probably ever be made. But hey, the company was great & that's what makes memories! :) A quick night sleep - up at 4:30 to catch the tram - to catch the metro - to say goodbye to Margie as she headed to catch the train & we headed to catch the plane for Copenhagen.

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