Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Bryan & Lone

The Wedding.
Bryan and Lone got "official" in the morning - in her parents garden...then the ceremony was later in the afternoon. In a beautiful, old church in the small town of Tollose. Lots of singing. I love how the groom & his father sit on one side and then the bride & her father sit on the other...and then after the kiss the couple sits on one side while the 2 father' sit on the other and a final song is sang altogether at the end.

After the wedding all the guests got on a big bus and we went for a tour of a local castle while Bryan and Lone had their pictures taken...then we met them at a gorgeous little restaurant in the country where the dinner took place. Very long dinner and lots of Danish tradition. The first dance has to take place by 12:00 - every time Lone or Bryan left the room ALL the men or women had to rush over and give the remaining one a kiss on the cheek - at the end of the night all the men take the groom and take his shoes off and cut off the end of his socks - all the women are supposed to cut off a peice of the brides vail for a keepsake - and at the end of the evening....after you've already just finished a 5 course meal - you end the night with a bowl of soup and bread.

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Pete and Ash said...

love the photos! the look he has when she is walking up the isle is priceless....... such a beautiful wedding!