Friday, July 18, 2008

Our Denmark Road Trip

We had a week before our flight to Prague. We were trying to decided whether to zip to Norway or Sweden - but in the end decided that we'd love to just rent a car and take a roadtrip and see the rest of Denmark since we'd only seen a very small part of it.

We went to this area where there are chalk cliffs at the ocean edge - gorgeous! - stayed in an old country b&b - drove across the huge bridge over to "Fyn" - then on to "Jutland" - up to Arhus for the day & night - love it there! - the next day made our way to the little Port town of Hals - where my great-grandfather is from - this was the main reason we wanted to trip around Denmark - we thought it would be really cool to visit that little town and get some pictures that we could pass on to my grandma & dad. The next 2 night we stayed with Lone's Aunt and Uncle on their farm - super experience to get to "feel" Danish life! Made a day trip to the moving Sandhills (they move about 2 m. a year) - and to Skagen where you can see the waves clashing together from the 2 different bodies of water meeting together at this point. Then all the way back to Copenhagen in one trip - it only takes about 5-6 hours to drive the whole country - spend the night downtown Copenhagen - had lunch the next day with Maria & Tomas - then off to Prague....

And this is the last Denmark post! MAN taking pictures is fun - we get a little carried away when we are both going at it and everywhere is new and so gorgeous! :) Next up : PRAGUE

Hals : Perhaps the reason I love the rainy coast so because it's in my blood! Such a cool little town & as if by fate, we found our possible "dream" house ;)


Naomi said...

I have really enjoyed viewing your photos. They are gorgeous and really tell the story of your travels. If I had to pick my favorite out of this bunch it would be DSC_0344. Your expression is so beautiful and the photo is superb. I also love DSC_0470. Wishing you a great weekend and rest of the trip!

kjsmith said...

whoa. extremely beautiful pictures and just reiterates my ardent desire to visit denmark!! thanks so much for sharing.

Anonymous said...

ooooooh ma goodness -
great great shots!! i love 'em!!

looks so great over dere.....keep loving it - and keep exploring, man, that must be a treat eh??

and you found the rainy coast.....niiiiiice!!

belly hugs from me to both of you!!


Cassandra said...

I'm seriously in love with this land. Just reiterates my desire to travel "someday."