Tuesday, May 06, 2008

pete & ash

ashely. i can remember her being this darling, little cousin of mine...then she grew into a special, close friend & roommate...then we both flee to foreigh lands for a few years...now i watch her get married to this awesome australian guy named Pete. how time cruises!


Anonymous said...

So pretty. . Ashley AND the wedding! They look really happy. Congrats to them!


Pete and Ash said...

Tam...your simply amazing with your photography talent!! WOW! Love love love the photos of Hawaii...forgive me if I steal some of them! And thanks a MILLION again & again for all the photos of the wedding! It was so great to see you guys, way too short! Guess we'll have to make the next move and head off to your 'new land'! Then you guys to us....! Memories in the making..love it! Have a wonderful day. Love ya!

Kelly and Janae said...

wow- yes very great photos! Loved to see familiar faces, what a lovely wedding, congrats to ashley and her new husband!
looks like an AMAZING trip---I am craving a HAWAII escape right about now :o)