Saturday, May 10, 2008

just being

thrusday a group of us gals went to this place called DinnerRush - really fun - prepping meals to bring home. for friday night we thought we should kick off spring with the gourmet burgers meal on the new condo bbq up on our rooftop deck - so we had tyler & sara over, had some good talks & rumikub games...a great way to spend a friday evening. appreciating them.

today i felt so thankful for my amazing husband. i thought about it often throughout the day. just that on a saturday our favority thing to do is just BE together - being buds. biked, shopped the farmers market, got some fun garage sale deals (shelf & chair), visited habitat for humanity, looked for a tree, had a soup lunch stop, wandered some shops, did some "renewing" around our place together (garage sale good cleaned & moved in & bathroom finally the way we want it), got vietnamese take-out. loving it!

chris just longboarded over for a chat tonight - love those impromptu visits - tomorrows sunday - a good day - dinner planned with some friends - tuesday we go to Phantom of the Opera with Chris & Jill - can't wait to finally see it! Then it's a long weekend....sweet deal!

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