Tuesday, July 24, 2007

a little time away

a good few days in salmon arm shared with family and friends - a very hot week! explored white lake with kelly&janae after conv in their little Pao.

drove back to victoria with mom & dad mclean. beautiful ferry ride. a whole week of west coast rainy weather - wandering around downtown victoria - shoppin the shops and checking out the fabulous coffee places!

got to go to kevan and mena's wedding - traditional india wedding. daren went with kevan and kevan's family to india for a grad trip - so it was super neat to be there for that! got to see some of kevan's family again that D met in india.

took the ferry over to vancouver - stayed with kelly & janae in their sweet little place right downtown vancouver - kelly drove from seattle to come spend Monday with Janae and I - much needed girls day just wandering and talking! Met up with Kyle and Jolene a few times for supper, ice-cream and some good chats!

and now...we're home and we're wondering how to live on the west coast while not moving from saskatoon. think it will take us a couple years to figure out. till then we're loving the sight of our place, sleeping in our bed, the sun beaming in the window, cafe sola in the morning, bike rides along the river....and anticipating future times with all those we love!


Kelly and Janae said...

yay- I love the perspective of your pictures. What sweet summer memories! Loved spending time with you guys. This a.m. I looked over the mezzanine expecting to see you guys down there...but no - you were all gone :o( Hope you trip back was swell.

Log home living said...

ahhh....and we get to share your neat times together cuz you both give us your wonderful pix!! ...thanks you guys for sharing your fun times with us. I love your pictures Tam..you are good!