Thursday, June 07, 2007

an ode to bicycle riders

...because i've revived + rejuvenated the feeling of kid in me as i realize once again just how much of a THRILL it is to me to get on my bike and c r u i s e...! me. the best yellow bike in the world. the wire-basket on the front. my flip-flops. and i'm off to get some goods. honestly...i don't a whole lot i like more than loading my basket & backpack up with goodies from the all the little markets on broadway and pedaling on my way. i LOVE taking off on that l o n g ride - soaring over the bridges and along the river...stopping in the middle of the bridge and watching the water cascade over the weir...and seeing all the pelicans drifting along in the current. what a beautiful life!

so...this poem is not because i feel lonely - it was a poem slipped under my door by an incredible friend several years ago when she was my roommate - it's been a favorite ever since because it just sets the mood & describes the feeling of the ride so perfectly!

(i meant to post this blog sooner...and was reminded by pictures of my friends lovely blue cruiser :)

a boy told me
if he roller skated fast enough
his loneliness couldn't
catch up to him.
the best reason i ever heard
for trying to be a champion.

what i wonder tonight
pedaling hard down
king william street
is if it translates to bicycles

a victory!
to leave your loneliness
panting behind you
on some street corner
while you float free
into a cloud of sudden azaleas
luminous pink petals
that have never felt loneliness
no matter how
slowly they fell.


Boyd Family said...

You have such a great little space here. I love all the pictures..your home, your love and where you belong now. Looks like it all makes for happiness.

derek and sara said...

ah yes the love of bicycles. I wish more people had it! Enjoyed the poem! I've got a blog dedicated to the love of 2 wheels and pedals :)