Tuesday, January 16, 2007

quick second time out

time for a quick time out....

"we could not ask for more"....daren and I have expressed this so many times to eachother and to others in the last couple weeks. we really truly feel so blessed and lucky and amazed at how incredible life is...!

we walked away from our wedding Sunday evening into the cool Seattle night and there wasn't a thing either of us would want to change and 0 regrets. we spent a week downtown Seattle in a amazing little place where we walked right outside the door to Macrina's Bakery & Cafe - the perfect place for a coffee and breakfast before we took off wandering around all day.

spent a very spiritual and emotionally uplifting weekend with very special friends - sharing words and feelings that can't be explained but that do SO much for you! Korwin Kelly, James Katie, Adam Char, Tony, Janae Kelly, Ryan Wendy, Trever Becca.... vows are made to stay much closer! James & Katie's wedding was so them....beautiful and you could see they were meant for spending their lives together.

sunday evening we drove down to the Oregon Coast....arrived at the house we rented for the week. We lucked out big time - have a beautiful 2 story house - views straight out on the ocean from all the upstairs rooms. Can hear the waves crashing from the house. Walks on the beach below. Sitting in the hot tub on the deck. Watching some movies and reading books and writing emails and sitting by the fire.

It is like a few weeks of taking a big deep breath and seeing things so much clearer!!

love you all - pictures will be on the way so keep checking. - t


Anonymous said...

heeeeeeey.you've surfaced.....yay!

we've all been thinkin 'bout you two newlyweds.....isn't the time after the wedding just awesome...
- just you and him - ahhhhh!!! and wow! a house on the beach....niiiiiice!!

we can't wait for you to come back...but brace yourself..did you hear bout the blizzard?.....(be happy you missed it!!!) there's LOT'S OF MORE SNOW!!!

enjoy every minute left on your h.moon.
luv juan and todder.

korwin said...

sorry juan/todd - tam actually told me they are immigrating to the states - they just love Seattle too much.

thanks for escorting them down here though, much appreciated!

tami: Thanks for the pictures and thanks for reminding me about Macrina; I've been meaning to go in there for a long time.

tamilajane said...

we loved macrina. delicious place. it's got a rival...but you'll have to come to Saskatoon to experience it.