Saturday, July 01, 2006


just had an awesome relaxing day - the Sask Jazz Fest has been happening this last couple weekends and the week in between - today we just went and sat in the park with the blanket, pasta salad, magazine and books - - soaked up the sun, listening to the local artists, relaxed and people watched! The best part was we got to watch our favorite little guy - little 27 mo. old boy named "george" - full of character and energy and just soaking up everything going on around him - mesmerizingly cute! The very first time we met him was at the Broadway Starbucks and he was COVERED pretty much from head to knee in his cookie! Wish i'd had my camera today!

Just posting a few pictures from a bit ago - chris & jill - daren & i - todd & juanita - met up for a little "hey" when my parents were here.

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