Friday, May 26, 2006

puddle splashing...

we had a stupendeous thunderstorm last night - absolutely enjoyable!! for some reason it just makes me come alive in a unique way from those beautiful blue sky, sun shining days. sitting in the car looking at pictures while the rain is just cascading in sheets...thunder rumbling...lightening flashing.

Brought back my favorite memories of living in Nebraska laying in the chairs - shades pulled up on the bay windowns - screen door open - and just watching the amazing thunderstorms rumble and light up the sky like fireworks past the pasture in front...not much compares to that smell of hot pavement, fresh grass and dirt being covered with cool rain!

...then we drove to the river walkway by the railroad bridge and weir....and ventured out into the downpour - it was awesome!!! the pelicans look so cool - all paddling together, pure white against that dark stormy looking water - rain drops falling on your head - jumping in puddles and getting rewarded with splashes so high that they reach your nose and drench you and the one beside you. Feels so very good to remember again what it's like to be a kid not worrying about getting a little wet!

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