Friday, April 07, 2006

starter tidbits...

finally decided to add some of the things i've worked on in class - these are from a few months ago - some parts missing and i think they got downsized so they are rather hard to read but...they are the ones i had on hand...had fun playing and learning - i'll make changes later - - -

MENU PROJECT:: create logo & design (front/back cover - didn't have insides w/ me

PEST WEST:: given business and info to design poster

ARTIST POSTER:: create concert poster/cd/tickets for a musical artist - this is the poster -
an amazing group b.t.w. - if you like this sort of music...if you don't know, have a listen:
my father's waltz | lucky | receiver | the fire thief (a few favs)

LETTER HEAD:: given business - create logo & letterhead design

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